OSMO Nutrition: It feels good to be hydrated (and not so good to be dehydrated).

OSMO Nutrition: It feels good to be hydrated (and not so good to be dehydrated).

Osmo Active Hydration contains a precise ratio of sucrose, glucose, and electrolytes to help replace lost body water. Our job is to keep you going with natural and effective hydration especially on the hottest days this summer.

Reasons Osmo is Perfect For Your Fitness Ruitine

  • Prevents cramping – nothing ruins a good run like a painful cramp. Osmo Active has the right balance of magnesium, potassium, and sodium to prevent cramping.
  • Fights fatigue – Osmo Active boosts blood circulation and plasma levels. This helps your body function more efficiently, increasing energy levels and delaying fatigue.
  • Easy on the stomach – Using hydration with the right osmolality is so important that we’re named for it. The osmolality of Osmo Active is optimized for quick absorption and hydration, so it won’t sit in your stomach and cause bloating or distress.
  • Hyper-hydrates – Drinking Osmo PreLoad the night before or morning of an extra intense or long effort will help you stay hydrated for longer throughout your run. PreLoad is especially helpful for hot days and can balance fluid lost through sweat.
  • Faster recovery – After a long run, you deserve a good recovery—and your body needs it. Osmo Recovery is made to help sore, tired muscles recover and rebuild faster to help strengthen you and keep you feeling great.


About Osmo Nutrition

Founded in 2013, Osmo Nutrition uses a science-driven approach to improve athletic performance through better hydration and recovery. Osmo’s goal is to help athletes of every level maximize their potential with hydration and nutrition formulas that help prevent cramping and fatigue. Currently, the company is the official hydration sponsor of German cycling team BORA-hansgrohe. Osmo has also been the hydration brand of choice for three-time world champion Peter Sagan since 2013.

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