Marathons are Hard, Make it Easier With Osmo

Marathons are Hard, Make it Easier With Osmo

Whether It's a Half Marathon, Full Marathon, or Ultramarathon, Osmo's Got You Covered

Running 13.1, 26.2, or 50 miles is no easy feat and staying well-hydrated is critical to help athletes cross the finish line. Hydration starts before the race even begins, hydrating two hours before the start of a run is crucial to start properly hydrated. Founded in 2013, Osmo Nutrition uses a science-driven approach to improve athletic performance through better hydration and recovery. Osmo can provide the hydration power that marathon runners need to fight fatigue and cramping so athletes can focus on maximizing their potential.

The idea of Osmo Active Hydration is to optimize fluid exchange for more effective hydration. Osmo products contain lower osmolality than that of the blood, enabling more efficient fluid uptake. For other drinks with higher osmolality, your body use extra water to to dilute the solution, so it can then be re-absorbed. This is a slower process, which can result in a "bloated" feeling and reduces the overall amount of fluid that can be absorbed.

Reasons Osmo is Great For Marathons

  • Prevents cramping – nothing ruins a marathon like a painful cramp. Osmo Active has the right balance of magnesium, potassium, and sodium to prevent cramping.
  • Fights fatigue – Osmo Active boosts blood circulation and plasma levels. This helps your body function more efficiently, increasing energy levels and delaying fatigue.
  • Easy on the stomach – Using hydration with the right osmolality is so important that we’re named for it. The osmolality of Osmo Active is optimized for quick absorption and hydration, so it won’t sit in your stomach and cause bloating or distress.
  • Hyper-hydrates – Drinking Osmo PreLoad the night before or the morning of a marathon will help you stay hydrated for longer throughout your run. PreLoad is especially helpful for hot days and can balance fluid lost through sweat.
  • Faster recovery – After 26.2 miles, you deserve a good recovery—and your body needs it. Osmo Recovery is made to help sore, tired muscles recover and rebuild faster to help strengthen you and keep you feeling great.

The Osmo Nutrition Range

Osmo Active Hydration is flavored with real fruit, and was developed to be the fastest way for athletes to rehydrate during exercise.Based on peer-reviewed science, the Active Hydration formula contains an optimized ratio of natural and functional ingredients including sucrose, glucose, and electrolytes to maximize and sustain power.

  • Flavors: Orange, Blackberry, Lemon Lime
  • MRSP: $20.00 (403g / about 40 servings)
  • Also available in single servings ($35.00/ 24 single serve packets)

Osmo PreLoad Hydration was developed for use in hot environments and/or during high-intensity efforts, athletes lose fluid faster than their body can replace it by drinking, which can hurt performance. For body cooling to work, you need to maintain a balance of fluid in your body, so you can sweat properly and maintain your plasma volume.

  • Flavor: Pineapple and Lemon
  • MSRP: $25.00 ( 256G/ about 20 servings)

Osmo Acute Recovery is developed with a 2:1 protein to carb ratio and 30mg of caffeine. The protein shuts down the breakdown from exercise and enables muscle repair, while carbs provide glycogen to increase performance and energy after a workout. Osmo Acute Recovery is the result of more than a decade of lab and field research with elite athletes to help you make the most of your workout.

  • Flavor: Vanilla
  • MSRP: $35.00 (380G/ about 16 servings)



About Osmo Nutrition

Founded in 2013, Osmo Nutrition uses a science-driven approach to improve athletic performance through better hydration and recovery. Osmo’s goal is to help athletes of every level maximize their potential with hydration and nutrition formulas that help prevent cramping, fatigue and boost endurance. Made with the highest quality, all-natural ingredients, Osmo Nutrition helps athletes feel and perform their best without adding unnecessary ingredients. 

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